Ranma ½

Season 1: The Digital Dojo

  1. Here's Ranma: The Strange Stranger from China
  2. School is No Place for Horsing Around
  3. A Sudden Storm of Love
  4. Ranma and... Ranma? If It's Not One Thing, It's Another
  5. Love Me to the Bone! The Compound Fracture of Akane's Heart
  6. Akane's Lost Love... These Things Happen, You Know
  7. Enter Ryoga! The Eternal 'Lost Boy'
  8. School is a Battlefield! Ranma vs. Ryoga
  9. True Confessions! A Girl's Hair is Her Life!
  10. P-P-P-Chan! He's Good For Nothin'
  11. Ranma Meets Love Head-On! Enter the Delinquent Juvenile Gymnast!
  12. A Woman's Love is War! The Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge!
  13. A Tear in a Girl-Delinquent's Eye? The End of the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge!
  14. Pelvic Fortune-Telling? Ranma is the No. One Bride in Japan
  15. Enter Shampoo, the Gung-Ho Girl! I Put My Life in Your Hands
  16. Shampoo's Revenge! The Shiatsu Technique That Steals Heart and Soul
  17. I Love You, Ranma! Please Don't Say Goodbye
  18. I Am a Man! Ranma's Going Back to China


Season 2: Anything Goes Martial Arts

  1. The Abduction of P-Chan
  2. Close Call! The Dance of Death... On Ice!
  3. P-Chan Explodes! The Icy Fountain of Love!
  4. Clash of the Delivery Girls! The Martial Arts Takeout Race
  5. You Really Do Hate Cats!
  6. This Ol' Gal's the Leader of the Amazon Tribe!
  7. Behold! The 'Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire' Technique
  8. Enter Mousse! The Fist of the White Swan
  9. Cool Runnings! The Race of the Snowmen
  10. Danger at the Tendo Dojo!
  11. Ranma Trains on Mt. Terror
  12. The Breaking Point Ryoga's Great Revenge
  13. The Abduction of Akane!
  14. Ranma vs. Mousse! To Lose Is To Win
  15. Enter Happosai, the Lustful Lecher!
  16. Assault on the Girls' Locker Room
  17. Kuno's House of Gadgets! Guests Check In, But They Don't Check Out
  18. Goodbye Girl-Type
  19. It's a Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain
  20. S.O.S.! The Wrath of Happosai
  21. Kissing is Such Sweet Sorrow! The Taking of Akane's Lips
  22. Bathhouse Battle! We're in Some Hot Water Now


Season 3: Hard Battle

  1. Ranma Gains Yet Another Suitor
  2. Ryoga & Akane: 2-Gether, 4-Ever
  3. Sneeze Me, Squeeze Me, Please Me! Shampoo's Recipe For Disaster
  4. Rub-a-Dub-Dub! There's a Pervert in the Tub
  5. I Love You! My Dear, Dear Ukyo
  6. The Witch Who Loved Me: A Japanese Ghost Story
  7. Transform! Akane the Super-Duper Girl
  8. The Killer From Jusenkyo
  9. Am I... Pretty? Ranma's Declaration of Womanhood
  10. Final Facedown! Happosai vs. The Invisible Man
  11. Les Misérables of the Kuno Estate
  12. Ghost Story! Ranma and the Magic Sword
  13. All It Takes is One! The Kiss of Love is the Kiss of Death
  14. The Ultimate Team-up The Ryoga/Mousse Alliance
  15. Back to the Happosai!
  16. Kodachi the Black Rose! The Beeline to True Love
  17. The Last Days of Happosai...?
  18. Two, Too Violent Girls: Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung
  19. Ranma and the Evil Within
  20. Enter Ken and His Copycat Kerchief
  21. Ryoga's Miracle Cure! Hand Over That Soap
  22. Fight! The Anything-Goes Obstacle Course Race
  23. Ukyo's Skirt! The Great Girly-Girl Gambit
  24. Ranma Goes Back to Jusenkyo at Last


Season 4: Outta Control

  1. The Return of the Hawaiian Headmaster from Hell
  2. Enter Kuno, the Night-Prowling Knight
  3. Ranma Gets Weak!
  4. Eureka! The Desperate Move of Desperation
  5. Showdown! Can Ranma Make a Comeback?
  6. Here Comes Ranma's Mom!
  7. From Ryoga with Love
  8. My Fiancé, the Cat
  9. Blow, Wind! To Be Young is to Go Gung-Ho
  10. A Formidable New Disciple Appears
  11. Step Outside!
  12. Ryoga's Tendo Dojo Houseguest Diary
  13. Happosai's Happy Heart!
  14. Extra, Extra! Kuno & Nabiki: Read All About It!
  15. Ryoga the Strong... Too Strong
  16. Close Call! P-chan's Secret
  17. The Egg-Catcher Man
  18. Ranma and Kuno's... First Kiss
  19. Shampoo's Red Thread of Dread!
  20. Mousse Goes Home to the Country!
  21. The Dumbest Bet in History!
  22. Kuno Becomes a Marianne!
  23. Ranma, You Are Such A Jerk!
  24. Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung Strike Back!


Season 5: Martial Mayhem

  1. Gimme That Pigtail
  2. When a Guy's Pride and Joy is Gone
  3. Ryoga's Proposal
  4. Genma Takes a Walk
  5. The Gentle Art of Martial Tea Ceremony
  6. And the Challenger is... A Girl
  7. Hot Springs Battle Royale!
  8. Me is Kuno's Daddy, Me is
  9. The Matriarch Takes a Stand
  10. A Leotard is a Girl's Burden
  11. The Mixed-Bath Horror!
  12. The Frogman's Curse!
  13. Revenge! Raging Okonomiyaki...!
  14. Ranma the Lady-Killer
  15. Shogi Showdown
  16. Sasuke's 'Mission: Improbable'
  17. Bonjour, Furinkan!
  18. Dinner at Ringside!
  19. Swimming with Psychos
  20. Ryoga, Run Into the Sunset
  21. Into the Darkness
  22. Nabiki, Ranma's New Fiancée!
  23. Case of the Missing Takoyaki!
  24. Ranma Versus Shadow Ranma!


Season 6: Random Rhapsody

  1. Dear Daddy... Love, Kodachi!
  2. Enter Gosunkugi, The New Rival
  3. Ranma's Calligraphy Challenge
  4. The Secret Don of Furinkan High
  5. Back to the Way We Were... Please!
  6. Ryoga Inherits the Saotome School?
  7. Tendo Family Goes to the Amusement Park!
  8. The Case of the Furinkan Stalker!
  9. The Date-Monster of Watermelon Island
  10. The Demon from Jusenkyo - Part 1
  11. The Demon from Jusenkyo - Part 2
  12. The Missing Matriarch of Martial Arts Tea!
  13. A Xmas Without Ranma
  14. A Cold Day in Furinkan
  15. Akane Goes to Hospital!
  16. Curse of the Scribbled Panda
  17. Legend of the Lucky Panda!
  18. Mystery of the Marauding Octopus Pot!
  19. Ukyo's Secret Sauce - Part 1
  20. Ukyo's Secret Sauce - Part 2
  21. A Teenage Ghost Story
  22. Gosunkugi's Paper Dolls of Love
  23. Akane's Unfathomable Heart
  24. Master and Student... Forever


Season 7: Ranma Forever

  1. Tatewaki Kuno, Substitute Principal
  2. Ranma's Greatest Challenge
  3. Nihao! Jusenkyo Guide
  4. Pick-a-Peck o' Happosai
  5. From the Depths of Despair - Part 1
  6. From the Depths of Despair - Part 2
  7. Shampoo's Cursed Kiss
  8. Run Away With Me, Ranma!
  9. Let's Go to the Mushroom Temple
  10. The Cradle from Hell
  11. Madame St. Paul's Cry for Help
  12. Meet You in the Milky Way
  13. Wretched Rice Cakes Of Love
  14. The Horrible Happo Mold-Burst
  15. The Kuno Sibling Scandal
  16. Battle for the Golden Tea Set
  17. Gosunkugi's Summer Affair
  18. Battle for Miss Beachside
  19. Bring It On! Love as a Cheerleader - Part 1
  20. Bring It On! Love as a Cheerleader - Part 2
  21. The Musical Instruments of Destruction
  22. A Ninja's Dog is Black and White
  23. The Tendo Dragon Legend
  24. Boy Meets Mom - Part 1
  25. Boy Meets Mom - Part 2: Someday, Somehow...



Original Video Animation:

  1. Curse of the Contrary Jewel, Shampoo's sudden switch
  2. Tendo Family Christmas Scramble
  3. Akane vs. Ranma! I'll be the one to inherit mother's recipes!
  4. Stormy weather comes to school! Growing up with Miss. Hinako
  5. The One to Carry On I
  6. The One to Carry On II
  7. Reawaking Memories I
  8. Reawaking Memories II
  9. Team Ranma vs. the legendary Phoenix
  10. Oh, Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love! Let My Love Be Forever
  11. Hell hath no fury like Kasumi scorned!
  12. The two Akane's, "Ranma, look at me!"

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