Volume 1:

  1. Sorry to Keep You Waiting! I am Kyoko Otonashi
  2. Love spark flies around. Who does Kyoko love?
  3. Hearts thumping! Alone in the dark with Kyoko!
  4. Kyoko's worried?! Godai in the middle of juken!
  5. Kyoko's worried! Godai runs away?
  6. Spring is shocking! Kyoko's secret revealed
  7. Tormented Godai! The man who Kyoko loves
  8. Godai must not shout! The time to do it is now!
  9. The Mysterious Tennis Coach is the Rival of Love!
  10. Panic at the beach. The rival doesn't like dogs
  11. Kentaro's first love. In love, age difference is nothing!
  12. Love scramble! I thought you said you loved me


Volume 2:

  1. Popular Godai, watch out for pink calls!
  2. Alright Godai! The first date with Kyoko!
  3. Dangerous puppet play for two! Can't stand it anymore!
  4. Get-Well Visit Panic! Injured but Beloved
  5. Kyoko's first-love story. The rainy day is always..
  6. Kyoko's gift. Oh, is this for me!?
  7. Godai and Kyoko! An Evening for Two Means Double the Trouble
  8. Frustrated Kyoko!? Mystery of the unreturning Godai.
  9. Godai in panic! Ikkoku-kan's kitten tale
  10. Shocked Godai! Kyoko's resignation?!
  11. Kyoko in jeopardy! Mother's dangerous plot
  12. Godai in a flurry. First kiss with Kozue?!


Volume 3:

  1. Clash! Godai vs. Mitaka proposal battle.
  2. Stunned Godai. Kyoko's jealousy explodes.
  3. Souichiro disappears. Memory of the scent of yakitori.
  4. Kyoko surprised. I'm Kentaro's father
  5. Slapstick autumn fest. Inside a well with Kyoko!
  6. Kyoko's getting married? Tearful Godai moves away!
  7. Ikkoku-kan scandal. Godai's living with another woman?
  8. The Mysterious Egg. Yotsuya's dangerous gift.
  9. Shocking diary! Souichiro had a lover!?
  10. Be pushy for love! Grandma Yukari with gold teeth.
  11. Operation chase! After Kyoko and Godai's date!
  12. Sudden storm of kiss! Story of broken-hearted Akemi.


Volume 4:

  1. Dangerous costume party! Kyoko's radical change.
  2. Godai's lost love? Kozue approaching Mitaka?
  3. Guts for love! Godai's operation part-time.
  4. Tender warm heart. X-mas is a time for love.
  5. Heart-thumping! Kyoko out of the bath? Open bath peeping wars!
  6. Godai's broken bone! Chance for love in the hospital.
  7. Sparks of love! Hospital feud - Godai vs Mitaka.
  8. Kentaro in shock. Who really is Yotsuya?
  9. Big announcement!!! Kyoko admits her love to Godai?!
  10. Fight for Kyoko! Skating rink is love's battleground.
  11. Kyoko in a mess. Drunk and crazy.
  12. Godai's revelation. I wish you understand how I feel.


Volume 5:

  1. Mitaka's training! No love is achieved if I'm scared of dogs!
  2. Kyoko in love at first sight?! A strange fellow moves into Ikkoku-kan.
  3. Even Yotsuya is shocked. The day Ikkoku-kan disappears.
  4. Forgive me, Souichiro! Kyoko's announcement to remarry!!
  5. Female high school student explodes into a passion!
  6. Attack with nudity! Seduction plan for Godai!
  7. Pajama girl charges in! Ikkoku-kan's love panic!
  8. Yagami decides! I won't give up my first love!
  9. Here comes a lady. Love at first sight with Mitaka!
  10. Godai or Mitaka? Tonight is her heart's moment of truth!
  11. Asuna Kujou's first time!
  12. Saw them! Kyoko and Mitaka "Bs". Out of the blue?!


Volume 6:

  1. Chase after me, Godai! Kyoko's lone trip.
  2. Alright! In bath with Kyoko! Two people in the open bath.
  3. Yagami's Back by the Time She's Forgotten
  4. Godai on the Edge! The Sweet Trap of a High School Girl
  5. Yagami's Scream! Yotsuya's Dangerous Tutoring!
  6. Yagami's Challenge! I Musn't Lose Against the Widow!
  7. Even Yagami is Confused! Grandma Yukari Returns With Golden Teeth
  8. Grandma Yukari's Fighting Spirit. Hot Baseball Match!
  9. Underwater Battle. Suspicious Kiss Mark on Godai
  10. Goodbye Grandma! Ueno Station is Party Panic!
  11. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Has Godai Already Found a Job?
  12. A Child is Born? Godai's Life of Joy and Tears!


Volume 7:

  1. Ikkoku-kan Hostage Crisis. Yagami's Big Nuisance!
  2. Change in Employment Front. Godai's Last Come Back
  3. Love All the Way. Yagami and Asuna Never Give Up.
  4. I'll Wait. Kyoko's Sudden Announcement
  5. Bravo Godai! The Pride of a Man
  6. It's a Secret! Godai's Work Diary
  7. I'm Sorry Kyoko-san. Guilt Trip Homemade Lunch
  8. Godai in Panic! Yagami the Bunny Girl
  9. Devotion of love. Asuna never gives up after all!
  10. Perfect Dad! Godai-kun's Child Care Story
  11. Yokohama Chaser. Kyoko-san's Going Away
  12. 1000% Suspicion. Kyoko's Scandal Night


Volume 8:

  1. This Is the Critical Point! Godai and Mitaka's Duel of Fate!
  2. Shocking One Night! Asuna's Salad Day
  3. Asuna's Pregnant? Mitaka's Surprise Marriage Announcement
  4. Love Again Taste of a Kiss that Kozue Left!
  5. Unrequited Love! Godai and Kyoko, It's Over Today?
  6. Kyoko-san Quitting! Ikkoku-kan's a Distant Memory?
  7. Kyoko in Shock! Akemi and Godai's Unexpected Relation!
  8. Kozue-chan's Wedding! Godai's Love is Forever
  9. Sight of Spring? The Two's Hearts are in Warm Feeling
  10. Alright! Godai-kun's Courageous Proposal!
  11. Ah, Excitement! Grandma's Love Embosomed in the Ring
  12. As Long as this Love Lasts! Ikkoku-kan is Forever...


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