Havoc (2005)
Posers vs. Gangstas


Havoc: Guilty Viewing Pleasures Havoc: Guilty Viewing Pleasures


Director: Barbara Kopple
Writer: Stephen Gaghan


Anne Hathaway (Allison) • Freddy Rodriguez (Hector) • Bijou Phillips (Emily) • Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Sam) • Channing Tatum (Nick) • Michael Biehn (Stuart) • Laura San Giacomo (Joanna) • Mike Vogel (Toby) • Matt O'Leary (Eric)

Plot Synopsis:

Poor rich girls from the Palisades take a walk on the wild side and hang out with a bemused Latino gang. Much drinking, partying, and sex is involved. One girl cries rape and the rest, as they say, is history.

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