Gundam Wing
...and the delightfully sleazy world of lemon yaoi hentai

If you've made it this far, I can only assume that you're interested in reading more about the lovely, strange world of male anime characters having sexually-explicit gay sex with each other. If not, you may wish to visit The Dilettante's Guide to Gundam Wing article instead. Morgan's a helluva writer, but she tends to leave out the smutty stuff.

I have this half-baked theory that yaoi developed when fans decided they'd rather see those good-looking boys relaxing and having fun with each other instead of performing a kamikaze mission for a group of creepy, disfigured scientists. Instead of a world where Heero blows himself up and coldly considers killing Relena, Duo and Quatre, we get a world where Heero is a heavy bondage freak, Duo gives great head, Trowa is a kinky bastard, Quatre a harsh disciplinarian and Wufei is nice.

Keeping in mind that only a mean-spirited troll would criticize that which fans write solely for the enjoyment of others, I've thoughtfully excluded all the stories that annoy the hell out of me, including deathfics, songfics, alternate universes, "Let's Rape Duo", and those stories where our boys come down with a nasty case of Japanese-tourettes (you know the ones).

If I've still managed to offend any writer, remind yourself that although I am a mean-spirited troll, I could've been a whole lot worse.

Most of these stories are long gone (but not forgotten)

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