Paranoia Agent

Anime Breakdown: Paranoia Agent Anime Breakdown: Paranoia Agent

"When the darkness overcomes the heart, Little Slugger appears...." After the first victim's story, the police felt the overly stressed woman was having a breakdown and lied to cover-up for some crime. However, after the third and fourth attacks upon unrelated victims led to the same description of a young attacker with a golden baseball bat and in-line skates, the police had to wonder- is the "Lil' Slugger" real or a sinister phantom?


  1. Enter Lil' Slugger
  2. Golden Shoes
  3. Double Lips
  4. Man's Path

  5. Holy Warrior
  6. Fear of a Direct Hit
  7. MHz

  8. Happy Family Planning
  9. ETC
  10. Mellow Maromi

  11. Entry Forbidden
  12. Radar Man
  13. Final Episode

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