Anime Breakdown: Escaflowne


  1. Fateful Confession
  2. Girl from the Mystic Moon
  3. Gallant Swordsman
  4. Diabolical Adonis

  5. Seal of the Brothers
  6. City of Intrigue
  7. Unexpected Partings
  8. Day the Angel Flew

  9. Memories of a Feather
  10. Blue-Eyed Prince
  11. Prophecy of Death

  12. Secret Door
  13. Red Destiny
  14. Dangerous Wounds

  15. Paradise Lost
  16. Guided Ones
  17. Edge of the World

  18. Gravity of Destiny
  19. Operation Golden Rule of Love
  20. False Vows

  21. Reaction of Fortune
  22. Black-Winged Angel
  23. Storm Premonition

  24. Fateful Decision
  25. Zone of Absolute Fortune
  26. Thoughts of Eternity

Anime Breakdown: Escaflowne


"Hitomi is depressed. So depressed she sleeps all the time, even in class. Friends try to cheer her up, but nothing works. Hitomi dreams of fading away. Then one day, her wish is answered when a mysterious kindred spirit from another world appears, telling her that she is "the wing goddess", and whisking her away to the fantastical land of Gaia. There she meets the handsome young King Van and learns that she alone has the power to summon Escaflowne - a warrior/protector that can end the fierce conflict that has been raging between the forces of light and dark."

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